Darboe warns President Barrow, future Gambian presidents

Darboe warns President Barrow, future Gambian presidents

Gambia’s former opposition leader has warned his political student President Adama Barrow and any other future president of the tourist-attracting nation that human rights abuse and crimes against the state will not be tolerated.

“Any attempt by President Barrow or any president after him to do what happened during Jammeh’s 22-year rule will not be tolerated,” Mr. Darboe said.

Darboe, a human rights lawyer decried prison conditions where he condemned specifically the treatment of detainees, including one who was chained standing up and left to ease on himself.

He was jailed at the maximum-security wing of the Mile II prisons after being arrested in May during a crackdown on opposition protests.

The longtime former opposition leaders said he has forgiven Mr. Jammeh but will not object to his prosecution in The Hague if evidence is provided by victims of his regime.

The food at the prison is not fit for human consumption. Many detainees died of malnutrition and food poisoning.

Jammeh’s former minister of interior, Ousman Sonko, who was overseeing the prisons is being detained in Switzerland for human rights abuses he is implicit in under Jammeh.

Repression of opposition leaders and journalists were intensive under Jammeh.

Gambian authorities stifle media freedom through a combination of criminal prosecutions, physical intimidation, censorship, and the promotion of government views in state-run or friendly private outlets. The government has ignored regional court decisions ordering it to end impunity for past crimes against journalists.

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