Gambia: Cabinet ministers to declare their assets

Gambia: Cabinet ministers to declare their assets

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow said minister to be appointed in his cabinet will make public their assets as part of the new administration’s effort to entrench transparency.

Although Mr. Barrow has declared his taxes to the electoral commission, he is yet to make his assets and taxes available to the public. It is not certain how the declared assets by the incoming government will be made available to the public.

The declaration will show not just their assets and financial statements, it will make public any of their investments.

Former President Jammeh promised after the 1994 coup to institutionalize accountability, transparency, and probity in government, with the aims of stemming rampant corruption and political decay.

He invited Gambians and the media, in particular, to serve as watchdogs over this revolution; however, Jammeh and his ruling council soon turned to severe repressive measures in order to contain challenges to his rule, himself becoming the most corrupt.

Senior government officials under Jammeh were not declaring their assets. Barrow promised the citizens of his readiness to operate transparent and all-inclusive administration.

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