A LGBTi protester in Rainbow hat blows a horn at the Gambian embassy urge the President not to ratify measures that would lead to life improsment for being gay.

Suspect gay man, activist’s home attacked

A man suspected of being gay and an anti-homophobic activist’s home were attacked by group men, who continue to call LGBTQ citizens in the West African nation as satanic.

The incident happened in the Kombo area of The Gambia, where former longtime strongman and autocratic ruler, Yahya Jammeh, who threatened to ‘slit the throat of anyone found to be gay,’ was defeated in the elections and forced to flee.

A group of people surrounded the young man, shoved him and started calling him names. The man, name withheld, was pushed and humiliated as he walks off.

Activist Mustapha Alieu Mboob, who spoke against the attack had members of his family threatened and home attacked by unknown assailants. Stones were thrown destroying some glass windows.

“It is a new Gambia and we had just got rid of Yahya Jammeh. Jammeh had led this hate against other people’s choice and way of life. He led a campaign against the Gambian gay community and that threat is more real today than ever,” Mboob said.

Jammeh’s anti-gay campaign had the backing of many citizens and Islamic clerics. Some Gambians, mostly in Europe and America expressed their disgust at the attacks just days after swearing in a new president, Adama Barrow.

Gambian authorities have declined to comment on the incident and the police are not investigating it. They claimed not to have enough evidence to trace those involved.

The LGBTQ in The Gambia has gone underground after numerous arrest and harassment by authorities and many others. Activists supporting their causes are facing similar difficulties with their families facing threats and attacks.

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