Senegal arrests former head of Jammeh’s para-military hit-squad

Senegal arrests former head of Jammeh’s para-military hit-squad

A Gambian military general, suspected of committing crimes against the states and human rights abuses has been arrested in Mpack, Senegal attempting to enter Guinea-Bissau last week, authorities in the West African nation said.

Brigadier General Bora Colley is one of the senior security officers in Jammeh’s regime suspected of overseeing tortures, killings, and enforced detentions.

Gen. Colley was the commander of the presidential guard unit protecting Jammeh’s home in Kanilai, close to the border with Senegal, and was Chief Warden of the notorious Mile Two prison.

He also had led the Jungulars, Jammeh’s personal military of some 50 officers who reportedly went into exile with him last weekend. It was not immediately known why Colley had not joined them.

The Jungulars are the most implicated in the killings, tortures and arbitrary detentions of journalists, political opponents, and activists, many of whom fled Gambia out of fear.

UN said it has received many reports the para-military hit-squad and that torture, killing and prolong detention were prevalent in detention centers under Gen. Colley’s command.

Gambian authorities denied UN officials access to prisons, including the security wing of Mile II prisons where most of Jammeh’s perceived enemies were held.

Jammeh’s former right-hand man, former Interior Minister Ousman Sonko has been nabbed by Swiss authorities. He’s being held for tortures and other criminal liabilities after his asylum applications were rejected in Sweden and Spain.

Forced disappearances, arbitrary detention, torture, and other human rights violations continue under the government of President Yahya Jammeh, who came to power in a military coup in 1994. He was ousted after losing an election last month and has fled to Equatorial Guinea after ECOWAS forces entered the country to flush him out of power.

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