ECOMIG command to start vetting Gambia’s army

ECOMIG command to start vetting Gambia’s army

West African military generals will be making a careful examination of the Gambia’s army as part of President Adama Barrow military reform program.

The vetting will help identify who is the military’s senior leaders is suitable for what job and ensure trustworthiness.

Gambia’s military chief Lt. Gen. Ousman Bargie said the army is working ‘side by side’ with the ECOMIG forces to secure the capital and return the country back to normalcy.

The Gambia Armed Forces have been partly responsible for the deployment of the West African troops. It has for long backed the country’s former ruler Yahya Jammeh and has been implicated in human rights abuses.

A special paramilitary unit within the presidential guard has committed serious abuses against civilians, activists and political opponents of former President Yahya Jammeh.

The abuses include killings, rapes, tortures and arbitrary arrests. UN Special Rapporteurs said the reports are credible.

President Barrow said the military needs technical aid.

“In the army, we need technical aid, and we need countries that are willing to help us in the security realm,” Borrow said, adding that the overhaul in the security services would be part of his broad plans for rebuilding the Gambia after years of dictatorship.

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