No chemical threats at The State House: General Francois Ndiaye

No chemical threats at The State House: General Francois Ndiaye

ECOMIG military commander Major General Francois Ndiaye said there is no chemical powder stuffed inside the air conditioning unit of the Gambia’s presidential compound.

“I went to the State House and asked them to put on the air conditioning unit at my own risks… Today I am talking to you. So that means there is no chemical there,” Ndiaye said.

Ndiaye said there was some pesticide that was sprayed around the compound, which may have resulted in the confusion that the pesticides were poisonous chemicals.

President Adama Barrow was holed up in Senegal over safety concerns. He has been staying at his personal residence since his return and administering the country from the Kairaba Hotel.

A meeting between Barrow and former President Yahya Jammeh was nixed over security concerns too. The cancellation was seen as one of the reasons Jammeh feared he would be prosecuted and refused to cede power. Coalition leaders did not trust him.

Gambia’s military chief Lt. Gen. Ousman Bargie also said the army has no chemical or biological agents in its inventory.

There is no timeline announced for Barrow to start using The State House but it is now being secured by ECOMIG forces who were poised to oust Jammeh and uphold the outcome of the country’s December 1 presidential polls.

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