Dog that mauled Gambia’s president son killed

Dog that mauled Gambia’s president son killed

The dog that mauled President Adama Barrow’s 8-year-old son has been killed by lethal euthatal injection by vets in a clinic in Abuko.

Habib Barrow was bitten by the dogs and died on the way to the hospital. President Barrow was unable to attend his funeral. He was holed up in Dakar, Senegal over safety concerns for his life.

Veterinary officers said they thought the dog had rabies, a vaccine-preventable viral disease, but their studies revealed that it was healthy; had no rabies or any other disease, the local Point Newspaper reported.

It is only dogs with rabies that bite people to death, veterinary officers said.

Barrow returned to The Gambia last week to take over power. Former President Yahya Jammeh left the country ending the political standoff.

He returned to a cheering crowd but entered a home where his young Habib was not present to welcome him back.

President Barrow is still staying in his private residence and running the country from a temporal office space outside the capital. He is being secured by regional troops who are stationed in the country.

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