Former NIA Deputy Director is now state intelligence chief

Former NIA Deputy Director is now state intelligence chief

Former Deputy Director of the National Intelligence Agency has been appointed as the Director General of the State Intelligence Services, according to a senior presidential aide.

Musa Dibba joined the defunct NSS in 1993, which later became the NIA in 1994. He had served as Director of Administration at the secret agency until his arrest in 2006 for conspiring to overthrow the government of former President Yahya Jammeh.

Jammeh reinstated Dibba in 2009 and made him the Deputy Director of the ‘murderous’ agency in 2011 until he was booted out by the longstanding dictator in 2011.

Dibba has been in The Gambia’s security services since 1985, first joining the police force. He has a Masters in Public Administration.

Gambia’s new President Adama Barrow has stripped the State Intelligence Service of law enforcement functions, which saw the renamed agency arresting, detaining, torturing and killing political opponents of Jammeh, activists and journalists.

Despite widespread allegations of serious abuses committed by the NIA agency under Yankuba Badjie over the last two decades of Jammeh’s rule, none of its officers were held accountable for abuses.

Barrow, who has promised a truth and reconciliation commission was seen severally with Badjie angering activists, victims, and their families. They called for Mr. Badjie’s arrest and prosecution.

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