Jammeh dissolved his cabinet, so why is PMJ still lurking around The State House

Jammeh dissolved his cabinet, so why is PMJ still lurking around The State House

Gambia’s erstwhile President Yahya Jammeh dissolved his cabinet before leaving the West African nation for Equatorial Guinea. Meaning all cabinet members that stood by him during the political turmoil had no job.

One such person is Pa Musa Jallow, the Secretary-General and Head of Civil Service, who he appointed a week before his mandate expired and the apparent dissolution of his government.

Gambia’s new President Adama Barrow’s cabinet is taking shape and he has so far made 10 appointments. The new ministers including for finance and foreign affairs were sworn-in on Wednesday.

However, Pa Musa Jallow who was part of Jammeh’s dissolved cabinet continues to play the role of a Secretary General. He has taken part in welcoming President Barrow as a government official, in meetings with the new president and security chiefs and presided over a meeting between officials of The State House and President Barrow on Monday.

Mr. Jallow was also at the swearing-in of the new ministers.

With the Gambia Government’s current structure, the Secretary-General and Head of Civil Service is the Chief Adviser to the President of The Gambia and acts as his Chief of Staff (Minister for Presidential Affairs) with the powers to recommend and assign senior government appointees.

Mr. Pa Musa Jallow continuing in this capacity has to advise President Adama Barrow on policies and national issues, and answering related enquiries to the Legislative Council, staff associations, Government departments and the general public.

Aside from being the highest paid civil servant, the SG is responsible for the overall management and development of the civil service to ensure that personnel serve the best interests of the community and delivers various services in a trustworthy, efficient and cost effective manner; and set civil service policies and securing the necessary approval and funding for implementing these policies

Since former President Yahya Jammeh had dissolved his cabinet, it makes Jallow running of the civil service illegal, unless Barrow had made him an acting Secretary-General. If Mr. Barrow was concerned about the continuity and productivity of the civil service, he should have made it a priority to appoint a Secretary General and Minister for Presidential Affairs before even selecting a Vice President.

Barrow has said he would not be keeping any of the former government’s cabinet officials. It leaves one on wondering what Pa Musa Jallow is still going lurking around the presidency and The State House.

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