Protesters demanding lawmakers to step down swarm Gambia’s parliament

Protesters demanding lawmakers to step down swarm Gambia’s parliament

Gambian youth leaders came out against lawmakers demanding they step down months before their term expires for authorizing a state of emergency that extended the mandate of former President Yahya Jammeh.

Activists swarm the National Assembly in Banjul after they refused to apologize and take responsibility for their action that they see as ‘undemocratic and undermining the will of the people.’

The lawmakers, except for one, failed to apologize. They defended their action and said it was in the “best interest of Gambians” and could not resign because the new administration would not have a legislature to work with.

Tens of youths came out carrying banners reading: ‘NAMS, you have failed to protect the interest of Gambia,’ adding that the state of emergency was unconstitutional.

The APRC- and Jammeh-backed majority parliament’s state of emergency was a push to aid Jammeh to regain control, giving him powers to by constitutional provisions and enough time for foreign judges to arrive and make a ruling on his election petition.

The youth groups have warned of serious actions to force their representatives to resign.

APRC would be contesting local government and parliamentary polls but many of its representatives are fearful of losing. Jammeh’s popularity dwindled and lost presidential elections in December.

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