Interior Minister Fatty pledges a secured, peaceful Gambia

Interior Minister Fatty pledges a secured, peaceful Gambia

Mai Ahmad Fatty, Gambia’s homeland security chief has promised a decline in crime rates in the tourist-favored destination, a day after being sworn-in to the top law enforcement job.

“We will ensure that the Gambia remains peaceful, a stable and a compassionate nation where everybody, regardless of who you are or where you come from will be able to deliver according to your means and according to your abilities and the opportunities that are available,” Fatty said.

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow in his campaign pledged to protect Gambians and their properties, accusing former President Yahya Jammeh of not making the same his priority.

Interior Minister Fatty has identified that there have been new innovative ways to commit crimes, especially through the internet, which can be a threat to national security and to businesses. Law enforcement, he said, would be steadfast to ensure tranquility.

“The innovative methods of committing crimes are a threat to national security and we are going to be very vigilant. We call on every Gambian to be a police officer, to be an immigration officer. Every Gambian must come forward to help us protect this country so that we can develop,” according to Mr. Fatty.

Fatty is the leader of the GMC party, one of the eight parties that formed the coalition, which defeated longtime President Yahya Jammeh.

Jammeh was a brute and had used the security system to instill fear and commit human rights abuses.

Gambia’s new government says it will reform the security services into a professional and community oriented department that respects the rights of the people and protect their civil liberties.

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