Barrow administration signs its first World Bank funded project

Barrow administration signs its first World Bank funded project

Gambia’s government on Friday signed a project agreement with the World Bank to promote Child Care and Maternal Health.

According to the UN health agency, WHO, malnutrition among children continues to be a major public health problem in the Gambia.

Children aged under 5 years are vulnerable owing to poor feeding practices, inadequate care and increasing exposure to infection, with poor environmental sanitation being a major contributing factor.

Long-term research collaboration has helped reduce maternal mortality in the Gambia to less than half its previous level over 14 years. However, the country is still facing numerous challenges in terms of health.

The Gambia avoided registering any case of the Ebola crisis, although it affected its economy. The tourism sector was hit hard but its public health sector still remains vulnerable. It does not have the capacity to contain an epidemic crisis.

Barrow’s administration is pursuing the health department’s goal of attainment of accessible quality health care for the Gambian population that would be a model in the Africa Region by the year 2020.

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