Gambia Islamic cleric Imam Abdoulie Fatty backs gay assault

Gambia Islamic cleric Imam Abdoulie Fatty backs gay assault

Imam Abdoulie Fatty of the Gambia’s Supreme Islamic Council has backed the assault on a suspected gay man and the attack on an activist’s home, calling perpetrators “true sons of the country.”

Fatty has not hidden his hate towards the LGBTQ community supporting ex-president, Yahya Jammeh’s campaign to have members of the community executed.

“It is un-Islamic and this is a Muslim country. We cannot accept that here whether there is a new government or not,” Fatty said.

“They cannot impose that kind of Western culture here. If we accept it, we will see the devastation and curse Allah will place on us.”

Fatty had met with new Gambian President Adama Barrow in December, showing his strong connection to the new leadership.

A young man, thought to be gay was assaulted in the Senegambia hotel area last week and an activist, Mustapha Alieu Mboob’s home vandalized by assailants.

The inaction of Gambian authorities has raised alarm about their readiness to address the sensitive issue.

Gambia’s new leaders have shied away from discussing the issue of homosexuality in the country.

Influential voices like that of Imam Fatty still going to preach homophobically leaving members of the LGBTQ community, activists and their families at serious risk of harm.

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