Speaker must publicly apologize or resign insists youth leaders

Speaker must publicly apologize or resign insists youth leaders

Gambian youth leaders who are pressuring lawmakers to resign from their office months before their mandate ends are now demanding that Hon. Abdoulie Bojang, the Speaker of the National Assembly to publicly apologize.

APRC-backed parliamentarians found themselves in a limbo after Jammeh was forced to leave power. They had authorized a state of emergency to help Jammeh regain control and extend his mandate for 90 days, angering citizens.

Parliament’s Minority Leader Samba Jallow accused his colleagues of being more concerned about their re-election bid and a US$12,000 gratuity.

The youth groups that have formed a coalition argued last week that the state of emergency was ‘unpatriotic’ of the lawmakers and had demanded they all apologized.

Aside from one lawmaker, they rest refused to do so prompting them to protest outside the National Assembly on Tuesday.

“If the Speaker does not apologize, he should resign immediately,” they said.

They have promised a series of serious actions to follow if the National Assembly Members fail to step down.

Majority Leader Fabakary Tombong Jatta said members cannot resign because the new government will need to work with lawmakers to keep the government running.

Gambians will be heading to the polls in April to vote for new National Assembly Members. The APRC says it will contest but they are likely to lose most of their seats if not all of them.

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