Detention without trial, impunity by the police continue in The Gambia

Detention without trial, impunity by the police continue in The Gambia

Although the Gambia has booted out a ruthless dictator, it seems law enforcement has, however, not ended its practice of detention without trial and violation of civil rights of Gambians.

Interior Minister Mai Ahmad Fatty has promised that under his watch, the rule of law will be followed and police reform, which will take a priority will ensure that civil liberties are respected.

But Gambian authorities have held incommunicado a commercial van driver, denying his family access to him, according to reports.

A commercial van driver, Bunja Sanyang was arrested by two ununiformed officers and has been held in custody since February 2, said his wife Kadijatou Sanyang.

He’s being held at the police headquarters in the capital, Banjul and his detention is coming to a week since reported by the local Foroyaa Newspaper.

He was first held at the Bokoteh Police Station before being transported to the capital.

Sanyang has not been charged and reasons for his arrest is still unknown.

The arresting officers took the keys to ‘gele gele’ and the vehicle documents, according to the Mrs. Sanyang.

Gambian authorities are notorious for holding detainees beyond the 72 hours constitutional limit. The new government has promised to do away with the violation and ensure that those held by authorities are charged and arraigned without violating their civil liberties.

Gambia’s new government may be facing difficulties with ensuring that police officers do not act with impunity, a practice that was prevalent under the government of former President Yahya Jammeh. The reforms may also take time to fully implement and end decades of unlawful detention.

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