Japan to send experts to identify areas of cooperation with The Gambia

Japan to send experts to identify areas of cooperation with The Gambia

Tokyo will be dispatching a team of specialists to identify areas of cooperation with Banjul, Japans Ambassador to The Gambia Takeshi Kitahara said.

Kitahara met with President Adama Barrow on Monday.

The Japanese experts will collect and analyze information about the characteristics and outcomes of programs, management processes, and delivery systems as a basis for judgments, to improve effectiveness and make informed decisions on areas of intervention in The Gambia.

Japan had been cooperating with the Gambia, especially in the area of agriculture. The East Asian nation donates more than two tons of rice to The Gambia to distribute to the poor.

The aid has been used by former President Yahya Jammeh as a business. The rice was sold and the proceeds going into Jammeh’s personal account.

The rice grant is part of Japan’s assistance program to ensure food security and improvement of basic livelihood condition of the people, towards “sustainable growth” and “poverty reduction” in The Gambia.

Japan is supporting sustainable development programs of rural Gambian communities focusing on food security and technical cooperation in the field of agriculture, fishery and management and maintenance of water facilities.

President Barrow said the fisheries industry has been under-explored and promised during his campaign to invest in the sector and make it a youth-led industry that will reduce poverty.

Japan had condemned the rejection of the elections by Jammeh in December and called on the former ruler to respect the will of the people.

Jammeh’s rejection of the results started a political turmoil that sent more than 75,000 people fleeing the country. The crisis has come to an end after regional troops forced Jammeh out of the country.

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