Gambia’s President Barrow extends Ecomig mandate

Gambia’s President Barrow extends Ecomig mandate

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow has extended by three months the mandate of West African troops stationed in the country, his Press Secretary Amie Bojang-Sisohore said.

The Standby force is mandated to remain in the service of President Adama Barrow, the Commander in Chief of The Armed Forces of The Gambia, until the necessary conditions for the effective exercise of his power as President of the Republic of The Gambia are met.

At least 4,000 regional troops were deployed to the Gambia from at least five ECOWAS nations to depose former President Yahya Jammeh, who refused to cede power after losing elections in December.

They secured the capital, disarmed and demobilized Gambian security forces and have started joint patrols with them. The Ecomig forces are also helping Gambian authorities, vet personnel.

“They are keenly sharing knowledge and experience in enhancing national unity, peace and stability in the country…. and the renewal of the mandate is can be renewed.”

Gambia’s population have welcomed the ECOWAS intervention in the country. Supporters of former President Yahya Jammeh are, however, seeing them as an invading force, accusing Senegal’s President Macky of trying to assert power in peanut exporting nation.

Jammeh had threatened to escalate the political crisis but fled to Equatorial Guinea where he has been offered a safe haven by his Potomac, Maryland neighbor, Theodore Obiang.

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