Gambia eligible for €14.9M EU emergency funding

Gambia eligible for €14.9M EU emergency funding

The Gambia is eligible for the EU Emergency Trust Fund for stability and addressing root causes of irregular migration and displaced persons in Africa.

Since the Valletta Summit, two new actions have been adopted in favor of Gambia for a total of €14.9 million aiming, among others, to offering economic opportunities and jobs to reinforce the capacity of youth.

A €11 million Euro has already being launched by the EU and Gambian authorities to help create jobs for the West African nation’s youths.

Thousands of Gambian youths have crossed the Mediterranean into Europe and 75% of asylum seekers from the country were rejected. Although the government was repressive under Jammeh, Gambian migrants were mostly considered as economic immigrants.

The Gambia received at least €75 million in aid last week and is set to receive more than €150 million in additional support. €33 million in budgetary aid withheld by the European Union from the Jammeh government is also set to be released to the Barrow administration.

President Adama Barrow defeated former President Yahya Jammeh largely because of his democratic and economic agenda. He campaigned on a promise to end the migration crisis, which has claimed the lives of hundreds of Gambians.

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