Police may charge Gambian soldier over King Fahad gun possession

Police may charge Gambian soldier over King Fahad gun possession

The military officer who was arrested at King Fahad Mosque in Banjul where President Adama Barrow was praying may face charges unless the political class intervenes.

The regional troops sent into The Gambia as part of Operation Restore Democracy by leaders of Economic Community of West African States have handed over Seargent Baboucarr Njie to the police for further investigation.

Njie, an off-duty plain cloth officer of the Gambia Armed Forces was arrested with a pistol inside the main mosque in Banjul.

Major Salifu Ngom, the spokesperson of the ECOMIG forces confirmed the regional forces have made the arrest.

A police source said all the armed soldiers have been asked to put down their guns and that Seargent Njie “had no reason to be going around with his.”

President Adama Barrow has ordered all Gambian military officers to hand over their weapons to the ECOMIG force. Those found armed without his authorization ‘will be considered rebels and treated as such.’

Njie had told investigators that he was going to hand over the weapons to authorities at The State House, the official residence of the president and the seat of the government.

Barrow is currently not staying at The State House and it is under the guard of ECOMIG troops, who have disarmed and demobilize Gambian security forces.

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