Hassan B. Jallow sworn-in as Gambia’s Chief Justice

Hassan B. Jallow took the judicial oath on Wednesday, becoming the second Gambian to serve as Chief Justice of mainland Africa’s smallest country.

The oath was administered to Mr. Jallow at temporary President’s Office at The Kairaba completing his ascent to a life-tenured position after serving as a UN prosecutor.

Jallow’s family was present at the ceremony and his appointment has been hailed as a plus for the country.

He had served as Attorney General and Justice Minister, the longest-serving in the position until a coup ousted the Jawara government in 1994. He served as a Supreme Court judge before becoming a UN prosecutor.

Wednesday’s ceremony ended a nearly two-month-long wait for the appointment of the Chief Justice.

Justice Jallow can now prepare for his first case — an election dispute left over by former President Yahya Jammeh — but he still has several rituals to attend to with calls for judicial reform and pledges to ensure judicial independence.

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