Defaced Barrow billboard replaced ahead of Saturday’s inauguration

Defaced Barrow billboard replaced ahead of Saturday’s inauguration

The damaged poster of President Adama Barrow advertising Saturday’s inauguration has been replaced days after suspected opposition activists defaced it.

A spray paint was used to write ‘no personality cult’ on a billboard advertising the inauguration of President Barrow, which coincides with the country’s 52nd independence celebrations.

Barrow, who rose to power after the jailing of then opposition leader and now Foreign Minister Ousainou Darboe by winning the backing of eight opposition groups in the December elections, was sworn-in in Senegal over safety concerns.

After his victory, billboards of former President Yahya Jammeh were torn to the ground by coalition supporters. Jammeh established himself as a superstitious immortal leader with giant pictures of his plastered around the country.

Gambians say they will not allow that kind of kingship for its leaders.

The local police have not opened any investigation into the vandalism, but the defacing of the new president’s billboard is a sign that the Gambia has truly ushered into a new era.

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