Halifa Sallah is President Barrow’s Special Advisor on Governance

Halifa Sallah is President Barrow’s Special Advisor on Governance

Hailing his role as a trusted adviser and his efforts to bring together eight opposition groups that brought victory to the opposition in the polls, President Adama Barrow has formally named Halifa Sallah as his Special Adviser on Governance.

Barrow tapped Sallah, a target of rumor mongers, in recent weeks after his name did not come up in any of the cabinet appointments. The furor prompted Sallah to announce he will be holding a press conference to explain why he did not join the cabinet.

Sallah comes from the PDOIS party, which had strange political relations with the UDP, Barrow’s party in the past. Although he is part of the coalition government, the longtime politician has been very watchful of the new government, especially with they way it intends to rule.

He has been advising Barrow since he won the polls in December.

Many are thrilled that Sallah, whose chances of becoming Secretary General and Head of Civil Service scuttled by constitutional restirctions, is the Special Adviser to President Barrow on Governance.

Sallah’s initial role was to publicly explain the coalition’s agenda to the people and speak for the government on issues relevant for public consumption.

Sallah recommended to President Barrow to establish an oversight committee to vet cabinet appointments after a whirlwind of controversy surrounded the vice presidential pick.

His appointment will bring absolute, total, complete confidence of the Barrow administration.

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