It was President Barrow’s birthday and not a lot of people knew

It was President Barrow’s birthday and not a lot of people knew

Usually, when it is The Gambia’s president’s birthday, it is pumped with excitement as his supporters eagerly await a multi-million dalasis evening dinner at a luxury hotel.

A giant cake is on display and everyone can get a giant slice.

That was for former President Yahya Jammeh.

The Gambia now has a new leader. His name is Adama Barrow and his birthday was February 16. Not too many of his citizens knew.

Unlike Jammeh, there was no expensive dinner and no giant billboards plastered around the capital and commercial town centers to wish him happy birthday.

It is a tradition that has suddenly died.

Barrow is being closed watched by Gambians, who appear to detest Jammeh’s flamboyant lifestyle and extravagance.

The new leader came under criticism for giving D200, about $5, to a masquerade that was dancing endlessly when he arrived from his safety zone in Senegal.

Barrow is serving three years and his administration seeks to reform the constitution and build strong democratic institutions. It means no wasteful spending.

Yup, Gambian have nipped it in the bud.

Anyway, happy birthday Mr. President! I am talking to you, Jammeh. I mean Mr. President – Adama Barrow.

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