Gambia to have new ministry of planning and governance

Gambia to have new ministry of planning and governance

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow announced on Saturday the creation of a Ministry of Planning and Good governance as part of his civil service reform.

The ministry will facilitate and monitor the development and implementation of a blueprint for socio-economic development, according to Mr. Barrow, who promised civil service reform.

Barrow, who accused former President Yahya Jammeh of appointing unqualified loyalist to critical government positions not meant for politicians says appointment will be based on merit and income on performance under his administration.

But Barrow may face opposition from watchdogs in his attempt to set up the new ministry. The task of the new ministry is very similar to the functions of the Office of the Secretary General and Civil Service Head, who is also the chief policy adviser to the president.

Barrow on Friday named Halifa Sallah as his Special Adviser on Governance and he had already established a think tank, The Agency for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development (ASSED), to help with his sustainable macroeconomic stability and growth plan.

Barrow, how is says the provision of quality social services is the fundamental objective of his government is promising big civil service reform. The new reforms will see the administration of regional and local governments by technocrats instead of political appointees.

It will also see the reviewing of the pay and grading structure of the civil service and more benefits for mostly ignored pensioners.

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