Gambia’s opposition says 50 of its supporters arrested

Gambia’s opposition says 50 of its supporters arrested

Dozens of supporters of the Gambia’s main opposition APRC party have been arrested by the police in Kanfenda, in the southern Gambian region of Foni, says spokesperson Seedy Njie.

Njie puts the number of arrests to 51, including three nursing women and 26 minors.

Opposition activists say their colleagues were attacked by Barrow supporters who were coming from the new president’s inauguration in Metropolitan Banjul, who met a group of APRC militants wearing Jammeh t-shirts.

“They called Jammeh a killer and criminal and started raining insults on them,” Njie, who was also a former information minister for Jammeh said.

Opposition supporters are planning a protest in Bwiam and Brusubi, where the detainees are being held to demand for their release.

Foni is a stronghold of the APRC opposition. President Yahya Jammeh won an absolute majority in the region. Jammeh lost to Barrow in the December polls and refused to cede power.

He was forced to flee after regional troops were deployed to uphold the outcome of the elections.

Rights groups are holding his regime liable for crimes against humanity and the state, including torture, arbitrary arrests and detentions, extrajudicial executions, enforced disappearances and rape.

Opposition supporters have denied the allegations and vow to field him as a candidate in presidential polls expected to be held by 2020.

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