Gambian entrepreneur to create 5000 jobs

Gambian entrepreneur to create 5000 jobs

Kanifing based technology company, Unique Solutions is set to create more than 5,000 jobs in the Gambia, the company’s CEO, Papa Yusupha Njie said.

The company is boosting investments in the West African nation once more as the country enters a new political era.

The pledge means one of the leading tech companies comes at a time when the Gambia’s new government increased its commitment to support businesses.

“We will create jobs in energy, technology, infrastructure and agriculture. We must invest in these industries to keep youths here. We will support the coalition to achieve job levels. We can achieve this by investing in diverse sectors. Over the next couples of weeks and months, we will create jobs in numerous areas,” Njie said.

Gambia’s decision to switch from a dictatorship to democracy decision is sure to favorably affect investment plans.

Njie wants to partner with government to create jobs that will stop young people from migrating to Europe to for better economic opportunities.

“Youths are the engine of growth and businesses model that idea and we want our ideas to become a reality. We want to partner with the government,” he said.

The government of President Adama Barrow said it will give incentives to businesses, especially in the service sector to hire young Gambians. The Barrow administration has been given at least €20 million to help create jobs and stop the perilous migration of Gambians to Europe.

Gambia has per capita the third largest arrival of migrants by sea to Europe.

Njie said a New Gambia must come with new attitudes both in business and personal lives. Gambia is open for business and future looks bright for the business sector.

Mr. Njie urged President Barrow to allow Gambians to be free. Freedom, he says, brings innovation, foreign direct investment and respect rule of law.

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