GRTS DG defends impartiality of GRTS staffers during political impasse

GRTS DG defends impartiality of GRTS staffers during political impasse

State broadcast network director, Ebrima Sillah has defended staffers of the national television and radio for continuing to broadcast the propaganda of ousted President Yahya Jammeh.

The Gambia Radio and Television Services faced strong criticism for enabling Jammeh during his 22-year rule of The Gambia and stands accused by critics of Jammeh for being a part of the ousted ruler’s attempt to put the country to flames.

“All the journalists that are here; circumstances were forced on them because most of them didn’t like what was going on,” Sillah said. “How can you be an enemy to your own people? All of them have brothers and sisters and relatives in this country, but the system was forcing them. That is why some of them even resigned.”

Mr. Sillah said some journalists at GRTS were refusing to go the field to report, silently protesting Jammeh’s refusal to cede power.

Jammeh suffered defeat in the hands of Adama Barrow, who was backed by eight opposition groups.

“I commend them for striking that balance in a very intelligent manner,” Sillah said.

The national broadcaster has been reduced to the mouthpiece of the former ruling APRC all through its existence thus it was branded “Get Ready to Sleep” and “Jammeh Radio and Television Services”, (JRTS).

The state radio and the country’s only television have denied opposition space to air their views during the impasse, leading to widespread condemnations of its former DG Malick Jones.

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