IGP Sonko: Barrow can fire me if he thinks I am incompetent

IGP Sonko: Barrow can fire me if he thinks I am incompetent

Gambia’s police chief says he would take it in good faith if he is fired by the new President Adama Barrow, who was inaugurated on Saturday.

Inspector General of Police Yankuba Sonko was appointed by former President Yahya Jammeh, who has been accused by rights groups of gross human rights violations, some carried out by the police.

“If the president feels I am incompetent to head the police he should fire me but if he also feels I am competent enough, why should he sack me,” Sonko said.

Gambia’s police have been accused of violating the civil rights of citizens. The police have been accused of beating detainees, holding them without charges for days and weeks, and locking them in inhumane cells.

Activists have called for the firing and arrest of security chiefs that served under Jammeh. IGP Sonko’s former boss, Interior Minister Ousman Sonko is being detained by Swiss authorities for crimes against humanity.

He stands accused of overseeing torture, enforced detentions and killings in detention centers.

Chief of the notorious National Intelligence Agency, Yankuba Badjie has been fired and arrested and currently helping the police with investigations into human rights abuses committed by the agency.

Badjie is the only security chief that has been fired by President Adama Barrow.

Sonko says the Gambia has decided “to come together as one people and we are ready to support the government.”

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