Gambia’s coalition fractured over parliamentary elections

Gambia’s coalition fractured over parliamentary elections

Eight opposition groups in The Gambia that joined forces to defeat longtime dictator Yahya Jammeh are finding it difficult to stay together to win a majority in parliamentary elections next month.

The country’s vice presidential pick, who was also the chair of the committee that led coalition talks is holding closed-door meetings with party leaders to form a tactical alliance for the legislative polls.

It clear that the main party, UDP will be going on its own. Key members of the PDOIS party, including Halifa Sallah, who is the Special Adviser to President Adama Barrow on Governance has made it public that he will be contesting in the parliamentary polls.

NRP leader and Minister for Tourism Hamat Bah said his party will be contesting on its own.

Opposition parties since 2001 had found it difficult to form a coalition against Jammeh. The deep divide that prevented the coalition from materializing in 2006 is continuing to affect them today.

Last year’s agreement was seen as a shocking union. Observers, however, do not expect it to stick together for the three years governing period agreed upon.

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