Senegalese man killed after being mistaken for an animal

A man in the village of Busura, in the outskirts of Brikama, was shot and killed by a hunter, who mistaken him for a wild animal, the police said.

The police said dead man, Mamudou Sey, 37, is from Madina Gunas in Senegal and resettled to the Gambia last year. Sey was a baker in the village.

Samsideen Jatte, 70, has been held by police for the shooting and helping authorities at the Brikama Police Department with their investigation.

Police Spokesperson Foday Conta said all the bullets hit the deceased on the chest.

“Well he did not recognize the deceased, he thought that it was a wild animal and decided to open fire on him. All the bullets when through his chest which resulted in his instant death,” Conta said.

Mr. Jatta only realized a man instead of an aminal was shot after he walked to see what his catch was. He[Mr. Jatta] walked to the police station and reported the matter.

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