UTG student union condemns staff strike amid allegations of corruption

UTG student union condemns staff strike amid allegations of corruption

The Student Union of the University of the Gambia has criticized the university’s staff association’s sit-down strike, describing it as “unfair and unfortunate” for the students and their parents.

Faculty staff is accusing senior management of the country’s public university embezzling the college’s finances, mismanaging resources and misplaced priorities.

They are demanding the resignation of the vice-chancellor and the dissolution of the university’s senior management team.

The student body is now calling on the parties to find a lasting solution to the crisis.

“It is unfortunate what is happening here at the UTG,” Mr. Ansumana Bojang, President of the Students Union, told journalists. “We see no reason why students should come to class and will not find people who are supposed to give them service in the class. We will not accept that from anybody.”

Almamy Taal, lecturer and president of the Gambia Writers Association insist that the staff association’s move is based on no ground.

“What authority, based on what law or what consensus in the organization are they making this demand? This demand is not reasonable, is based on nothing,” he said.

Taal says the decision is “malicious, and intended to cause mischief.”

Ousman Nyang, acting vice chancellor warned that any staff who does not report to work without any legitimate reasons will be sanctioned accordingly.

The senior management of the university is accused of increasing their salaries and buying luxury cars for their transportation. They are yet to comment on the allegation and Gambia is yet to have a higher education minister.

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