Gambia’s former prison director charged, released on bail

Gambia’s former prison director charged, released on bail

A judge from the West African nation of the Gambia has released the erstwhile of its prison services who has been held by authorities over human rights abuses in its jails.

David Colley was released last week, according to security sources, after charges were not preferred to him in a timely manner. He has, however, being charged with abuse of office and released on bail on March 2.

Colley has been ordered to report to the police station every day as part of his release conditions.

He has denied reports of torture and killings in Gambian prisons during his stint as prison director.

Prisoners complained of being put into solitary confinement and chained to the ground for days and sometimes weeks. They also reported being denied the use of the restroom forcing them to ease themselves in pots inside their cells or on the floor.

Human rights groups say conditions in detention centers are inhumane. Gambia’s new authorities have since released 272 prisoners. President Adama Barrow has pledged to build a new prison facility.

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