Mai Fatty takes a swipe at Halifa Sallah

Mai Fatty takes a swipe at Halifa Sallah

Gambia’s coalition leaders are at odds with deep divides between Interior Minister Mai Ahmad Fatty and Presidential Adviser Halifa Sallah.

Fatty on Sunday announced that the coalition is the government and that the administration now has an Information Minister and Press Secretary.

Fatty, who is the leader of the GMC party said Mr. Sallah, the PDOIS leader is no longer the official spokesperson of the coalition. Sallah has been the coalition spokesperson since unity talks started last year.

Fatty told reporters at a press conference that official communication of the coalition will come from Information Minister Demba Jawo and or President Barrow’s Communications Director Amie Bojang Sisohore.

The duo got into a scuffle in January after Mr. Sallah opposed Fatty’s claims that former President Yahya Jammeh stole at least US$12 million from the country’s treasury in the last two weeks of his regime.

Sallah is yet to respond. He said last week that the PDOIS and some other parties will be contesting as independent candidates under the coalition for parliamentary elections.

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