UDP, NRP, GMC form tactical alliance ahead of parliamentary polls

UDP, NRP, GMC form tactical alliance ahead of parliamentary polls

Three parties that were part of the right opposition groups that formed a coalition to oust Gambia’s former ruler Yahya Jammeh have joined forces to form a tactical alliance ahead of parliamentary polls.

Leaders of the UDP, NRP and GMC who are the West African nation’s respective Minister for Foreign Affairs Ousainou Darboe, Minister for Tourism Hamat Bah and Minister for Interior Mai Fatty said Sunday their parties will be joining forces to win a majority in the National Assembly.

Sunday’s announcement shows a fragment between the coalition group, which has found it difficult over the years to reconcile their differences.

The three parties had built a similar alliance in the past before NRP dropped off leaving UDP and the GMC to team up against Jammeh, unsuccessfully, in the 2011 presidential polls.

The parties say the coalition that led them to victory was purposely for the presidential elections and contesting for parliamentary elections as individual parties will lead to an independent National Assembly.

The coalition government will be running the affairs of The Gambia for three years before returning to the polls as individual parties seeking the presidency.

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