Gambia’s political leaders enter into a convenant

Gambia’s political leaders enter into a convenant

Leaders of political parties have signed an agreement to cooperate and use dialogue to resolve their differences after the signing was stalled by the political standoff that nearly threw the country into a civil war.

Political leaders were to meet with former President Yahya Jammeh, who refused to cede power after losing the December elections. He also withdrew from the meeting, putting it off until now.

The Gambia’s new President Adama Barrow said the common desire to create a peaceful and stable political environment is underpinned by a transparent and democratic political dispensation without which the prosperity, happiness and wellbeing of the people of The Gambia will be compromised.

Jammeh fled the country to Equatorial Guinea after regional forces marched towards the capital to have him swept off the nation.

Unlike his predecessor, Mr. Barrow guaranteed that he will support the interparty dialogue committee to help strengthen the country’s democracy.

Political leaders from at least seven main parties signed the agreement, a move that the country’s electoral chair, Alieu Mommar Njai described as a necessity for safeguarding the peace and democracy of the nation of fewer than two million people.

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