Halifa Sallah is still coalition spokesperson

Halifa Sallah is still coalition spokesperson

Special Adviser to President Adama Barrow and leader of the PDOIS party, Halifa Sallah will continue in his role as spokesperson for the coalition that ousted longtime dictator Yahya Jammeh.

Cracks in the coalition of eight opposition groups showed an eminent collapse that was mediated by President Barrow on Tuesday, ending a spat between Halifa Sallah and Interior Minister Mai Ahmad Fatty.

Sallah had contravened Fatty in January when Sallah played down a statement by Fatty that Mr. Jammeh had robbed the treasury of US$12 million before fleeing to exile.

Fatty last fired back saying the spokespersons for the coalition are the information minister and State House press secretary.

The crisis got deeper over a disagreement on whether a tactical alliance was to be used by the coalition to contest parliamentary polls or an independent ticket under the coalition.

Foreign Affairs Minister Ousainou Darboe, backed by Fatty and Tourism Minister Hamat Bah favored a tactical alliance, leaving Sallah, who wanted coalition members to file independent candidates scavenging for support.

A State House official said Sallah will continue to play his role as spokesperson for the coalition. Barrow, she said, agrees that the coalition as a political entity and an administration on the flipside technically are different.

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