President Barrow ends Gambia’s so-called second impasse

President Barrow ends Gambia’s so-called second impasse

President Adama Barrow met with leaders of the coalition that brought him to power to end disagreements over the filing of parliamentary candidates.

Leaders voted for a tactical alliance where every party will put up candidates in an area where it has strongholds. This has, however, does not make it clear if one of the parties, PDOIS will file in its own candidates.

The UDP, GMC and NRP were the first to back a tactical alliance and had vowed not to compromise the institutionality of their parties at a Sunday evening press conference.

A journalist, who was prejudicially targeted by supporters of the three parties was attacked and suffered bruises for demanding answers from the leaders of the parties about being the cause of political divide.

President Barrow quietly resolved the deadlock before an interparty meeting of all opposition parties, including the APRC and GMC on Tuesday.

The political leaders and their supporters have embraced the new agreement ahead of next month’s elections, in which they face the main opposition APRC party and the vibrant GDC, whose leader ended a week-long tour.

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