Gambia must release Fatou Badjie

Gambia must release Fatou Badjie

Gambian authorities are still holding a single mom in detention after a court remanded her for using profanity towards President Adama Barrow.

Fatou Badjie, an opposition supporter from the defeated APRC party, was arrested and detained since February 19. Another lady, Awa Jadama is in hiding after being declared wanted by the police.

Police said they are still investigating the matter whiles some political activists who had in the past denounced such prosecution by ousted dictator Yahya Jammeh, now say “a new democracy does not mean you are free to insult the president.”

Rights campaigners continue to deplore her detention and demanded her release. Her detention is unjustifiable, they say.

A group of opposition activists who got into a spat with Barrow supporters in Foni were rounded up and charged with disturbing the peace. They are accused of throwing stones at the government supporters.

Gambian authorities refused to release Ms. Badjie, who has several children because they believe she will abscond and go out of jurisdiction.

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