Mama Kandeh rallies support while coalition collusion

Mama Kandeh rallies support while coalition collusion

Charismatic opposition leader Mama Kandeh went cross country to thank his supporters for voting for him during the December presidential polls, in which longstanding ruler Yahya Jammeh was defeated.

Kandeh, a former National Assembly Member for Jammeh’s APRC Party founded his own party after being expelled from the APRC party in 2012.

He won more than 89,000 votes in what is now known as “one of the biggest election upsets West Africa has ever seen.”

Kandeh’s GDC party rejected a bid by Jammeh for him to challenge the results of the elections at the Supreme Court. He instead called for Jammeh to respect the will of the Gambian people and hand over power to the coalition candidate, Adama Barrow.

The GDC has put up parliamentary candidates in all constituencies ahead of next month’s legislative polls. The party is hopeful of winning more seats than any other opposition party in the country’s history.

Kandeh could upset the country’s next presidential election with the potential to win over many supporters of the former ruling APRC party against a coalition that will be divided. Kandeh’s GDC fractured Jammeh’s party, leading to many cross-carpetings.

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