Senegal extradites former Gambian military general

Senegal extradites former Gambian military general

Senegalese authorities have surrendered Lt. Gen. Bora Colley to Gambian authorities, the first victory for the Barrow administration’s attempt to have those found wanting for human rights abuses extradited.

The administration invoked international criminal repatriation cooperation processes regarding those out of the jurisdiction for wanted former officials, including a former interior minister, Ousman Sonko.

General Colley has been processed to be handed over to Gambian authorities. Security sources say Colley has already being transferred to a Gambian detention center awaiting formal charges.

He was intercepted by Senegalese security forces while attempting to cross into Guinea-Bissau after former President Yahya Jammeh was forced to flee the country.

Colley was the head of a paramilitary hit squad that carried out covert operations for Jammeh. The squad stands accused of human rights abuses, especially targeted killings and tortures.

At least 14 members of the squad were handed over to the police by the former military chief, Lt. Gen. Ousman Bargie. They are currently being held in a detention facility outside the capital, Banjul pending their appearance before a judge.

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