Gambia ends prosecution of opposition activists

Gambia ends prosecution of opposition activists

Gambian authorities ceased the prosecution of dozens of opposition militants who attacked supporters of President Adama Barrow that were returning from the new leader’s inauguration.

At least 22 people have been charged with breaching the peace in Foni Kansala, a stronghold for the country’s ousted autocratic ruler Yahya Jammeh.

The police say the APRC militants threw stones at government supporters and used profanity towards them and the president.

Gambia’s Interior Minister Mai Ahmad Fatty said the government has suspended their prosecution to give reconciliation exercises among the community a chance.

Nearly 24 of those detained and charged are juvenile.

Yahya Jammeh was defeated by Adama Barrow in last year’s election. Barrow, 51, pledged a truth commission over allegations of human rights abuses by Jammeh’s regime. He is calling for reconciliation in the West African nation.

At least 23 security personnel were arrested and being investigated for crimes against the state and human rights abuses. Nine of them have been charged for the last year torture-death of opposition activist Solo Sandeng.

Barrow says he wants to ‘get the facts together’ regarding possible crimes of former president Yahya Jammeh, had for weeks refused to hand over power.

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