Ex-APRC parliamentarian is the PDOIS candidate for Nianija

Ex-APRC parliamentarian is the PDOIS candidate for Nianija

A former member of the National Assembly for Nianija has resigned from the APRC and joined the PDOIS ahead of next month’s parliamentary polls.

Habsana Jallow, 29, has been an APRC parliamentarian for Nianija until this month when the party decided it would field in former nominated National Assembly Member and Information Minister Seedy Njie.

She became a parliamentarian in 2012 after defeating NRP’s Lamin Cham.

Njie is also the spokesperson of the former ruling party that suffered defeat at the hands of the coalition that brought Adama Barrow to power. The PDOIS is one of the eight groups that make up the coalition government.

“I am a strong woman and I have a strong parent from a strong family. They are behind me and they will support me. People of Nianija are behind. And let me tell you this, if it is not going to be me, it will not be Seedy SK Njie in this constituency,” said Ms. Jallow.

Jallow is now the candidate for the PDOIS in Nianija and said she is being supported by Halifa Sallah, a special adviser to President Adama Barrow. Sallah is also seeking to resecure his lost Serrekunda seat. He is favored to win.

Habsana Jallow is accusing Njie of undermining her and is confident she is going to retain her seat with the backing of the PDOIS party.

“He will fail. I will make sure Seedy never win this constituency. I was in ECOWAS parliament when I heard that Seedy has been going round giving kola nut to people that he is going to run for the seat under the APRC without informing me. He was undermining me as the sitting MP,” she told the Standard Newspaper.

At least 230 people are scrambling for some 50 seats in the parliament. The coalition’s attempt for a tactical alliance failed and for the first time in the country’s politics, it is difficult to say which party would be winning the majority in parliament.

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