Gambia’s police tracking stolen govt vehicles

Gambia’s police tracking stolen govt vehicles

Gambia’s police are tracking hundreds of vehicles that were stolen from the ousted regime of Yahya Jammeh, police spokesperson Foday Conta said.

The vehicles were mostly taken from a complex in Jimpex, outside the capital, in the last weeks of Jammeh’s presidency, a security source hinted.

“Jammeh said the vehicle were his and anyone can take any vehicle they like,” the source said.

The Gambia’s police chief warned that those caught with the vehicles will be arrested if they fail to voluntarily hand over the vehicles to the police.

“Anyone failing to comply will face the full force of the law,” Inspector General of Police, Yankuba Sonko said.

Some tens of vehicles have been recovered and at least one person arrested by regional troops that were deployed to oust Jammeh. The vehicle the man was driving had surveillance cameras mounted on it and was later identified as a vehicle used by law enforcement that was not returned.

Jammeh fled to Equatorial Guinea and few hours afters after his departure, a Chadian government cargo plane airlifted some of the luxury vehicles, including three Rolls Royce Phantoms.

The remaining vehicles remain at the Banjul International Airport impounded by Gambian authorities after Mai Ahmad Fatty, the country’s Interior Minister refused to give clearance for them to be shipped to Equatorial Guinea, the Central African nation where the longtime ruler has been granted asylum.

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