Gambia’s former vice presidents return from exile

Gambia’s former vice presidents return from exile

Gambia’s former vice presidents, Bakary Bunja Darboe and Saihou Sabally returned to Banjul, 22 years after fleeing the West African nation.

Sabally built a company in Senegal while Darboe in the UK worked as a management consultant.

Darboe, who was Vice President for Gambia’s longest serving leader Sir Dawda Jawara became the finance minister of the country’s autocratic ruler Yahya Jammeh before disagreements forced him to leave.

Sabally had stayed in neighboring Senegal since the PPP was deposed in a coup by Jammeh. Jammeh, now in exile in Equatorial Guinea had accused Darboe of conspiring with Westerners to overthrow his military regime.

The former vice president is one of the leaders of the eight parties that formed a coalition to defeat Jammeh in the December 2016 elections.

Since Jammeh’s unceremonious departure from power, tens of Gambians, mostly former officials of the PPP regime have returned to the Gambia.

Hundreds have come out to welcome them as they reunite with their family members, who they have not seen for decades.

Jammeh hopes to return to the Gambia to a simpler way of life. The ousted strongman wants to come back to his home village to take up farming but may not receive a welcome like Darboe and Sabally.

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