Is there deception in the coalition?

Is there deception in the coalition?

PDOIS has threatened to make public the contributions of political parties to the coalition, including the amount paid towards the nomination fee of President Adama Barrow.

Its leader, Halifa Sallah is accusing some members of the coalition of misleading Gambians and vowed not to condone it.

“The PDOIS will no longer compromise the truth. We have been patient for too long and we will no longer be patient with the truth. Deception is no longer possible,” Sallah said.

A coalition of eight opposition groups backed Barrow’s candidacy. They alliance succeeded in defeating the country’s strongman, Yahya Jammeh, who was forced to flee.

Sallah found himself at crossroads with the leaders of three other parties: UDP, NRP and GMC, whose surrogates have been branding him and the PDOIS as anti-coalition.

“If any leader ever said again that PDOIS is an enemy of the coalition, we will reveal what those figures are compared to what they have done,” he said.

Gambian opposition parties have struggled for decades to form a coalition against Jammeh, mostly over disagreements over delegate allocation for a convention to select a flagbearer.

Although there were an equal number of delegates from a November convention that saw UDP’s Adama Barrow becoming the coalition flag bearer, it was never revealed if there were equal contributions to campaign financing and payment for Mr. Barrow’s nomination fee.

As the winner of the election, Barrow’s nomination fee is to be returned. His challengers with less than 40% of the vote will forfeit theirs.

Sallah has turned down several ministerial jobs and has not received a salary from the Gambia’s government. He is serving voluntarily as special adviser to the president and is seeking to regain his Serrekunda parliamentary seat.

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