Gambia’s former ruling party head office under investigation

Gambia’s former ruling party head office under investigation

The political bureau of the Gambia’s former President Yahya Jammeh is being investigated by the police over allegations that the property is being occupied illegally, a senior member of the party says.

The property was forcefully taken by Jammeh after he took over power in a 1994 coup from a former senior official of the ousted PPP government.

The property in Kanifing was home to the Taiwanese Embassy until Jammeh severed ties with the Asian nation in 2013. The APRC has since occupied the property.

“Yes, we heard about an investigation about our bureau though no one has approached us officially on the matter. But as far as the APRC is concerned, we have nothing to fear from this investigation. The bureau is legally occupied by the party and we have proof of that,” the party’s Organizing Secretary and Mayor of KMC Yankuba Colley said.

A senior member of the party said the property is obtained by the former ruling party on a rent to own agreement from the Asset Management and Recovery Corporation. Jammeh was defeated in the elections last year and stands accused of theft and embezzling billions.

Gambian authorities have asked those whose properties and businesses have been forcefully taken by Mr. Jammeh to come forward with documentation to recover their assets.

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