Gambia charges two men with the kidnapping of Mahawa Cham and Saul Ndow

Gambian authorities have charged two men with the kidnapping of a former parliamentarian and businessman, who were killed by a special paramilitary hit squad sanctioned by the country’s former dictator, Yahya Jammeh.

Mahawa Cham and Saul Ndow were lured by the men to the Southern Senegal region of Casamance, where they were rounded up and handed over to Jammeh’s men, the police said.

The men were on Tuesday arraigned at the High Court in the island capital, Banjul. They were denied bail by the court and remanded at the Mile II prisons.

Cham and Ndow were accused by Jammeh of trying to overthrow his government in March 2006. The coup was led by former military chief Col. Ndure Cham, who was also reportedly kidnapped in a northern Gambian border town and secretly executed.

Some tens of people in connection to the botched coup are feared death, including former intelligence chief, Daba Marenah. Jammeh’s government said Mr. Marena and some dozen others escaped after a military convoy escorting them to an island prison in north-central Gambia got into an accident.

Scores of former members of the hit squad have been arrested by authorities in the West African nation and providing investigators with details about some 30 people that remain missing since Jammeh’s ouster, including two U.S. citizens, who Jammeh denied were arrested by his men.

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