Gambia: man dies after being abused by police

Gambia: man dies after being abused by police

A Gambian man is reported dead shortly after being mistreated by undercover police officers in the Gambia, his family members report.

El Hadrami Mohameden Zayid died on Tuesday after police officers were seen dragging him outside his home, his wife Isatou Jallow said.

Eyewitnesses say at least seven police officers were knocking on doors searching for the man, who was accused of buying a stolen goat and a sheep, Foroyaa Newspaper reported.

“All I could hear was them asking for money and promising that they would then go back to their respective authorities to tell them they have not seen the deceased,” said Pa Ousman Jatta, a witness.

Mr. Zayid promised to give the uncertain officers the bribe they asked for in the morning during business hours. Zayid was dragged out of his home and at the time that the officers left, he was weak and unable to walk himself into his apartment.

Zayid, an asthmatic patient was taken to the Serrekunda General Hospital, where doctors declared him dead.

The police are tasked with combating corruption but have been accused of soliciting bribes from citizens. Its officers are underpaid. The jailing of a former police chief to life in prison after being convicted on numerous charges including corruption did not stop the practice.

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