Gambia: Police finds missing woman’s remains in Tujereng

Police have found the remains of a woman who has been reportedly missing for days on a secluded path to the seaside in southwestern Gambian city of Tujereng.

Sohna Bojang did not return after living her home last week to buy fish products from vendors on the beach, says Ebrima Jarju, a family member.

Postmortem has not been conducted and the cause of death remains unknown. The family has already buried the deceased but wants further probing by authorities.

Bojang’s husband, Omar Badjie was notified by the village head that his wife was found dead by the police and accompanied by his son, Ebrima, identified the corpse at the mortuary in Banjul.

“Upon arrival at the station, he was shown a picture which he could not identify as his mother and he and the police alongside with his father went to the Mortuary at Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital in Banjul where they were shown the deceased and then the boy recognised that it was his mother,” Foroyaa’s Mustapha Jallow reported.

Tujereng is located in the West Coast region, Kombo South district, on the Atlantic coast, about five kilometers south of Tanji and six kilometers north of Sanyang.

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