Gambia arrests seven police officers for businessman’s death

Gambian authorities have arrested seven police officers accused of killing a man after he was dragged outside his home.

Mohameden Zayid died last week after being abused by the police. eyewitnesses said the police officers left the man lying outside unable to walk back to his apartment in a suburb outside the capital, Banjul.

Zayid was unable to give a bribe demanded by the officers who refused to return to his business in the morning. His family said he was an asthmatic patient and died at the Serrekunda Hospital.

Authorities are yet to charge the seven officers who are being detained and helping investigators. They are being held at the police head office in Banjul.

Investigators held a meeting with the Zayid family assuring them that justice will be done and those found culpable in Mr. Mohameden Zayid’s death will be held liable.

The police are tasked with combating corruption but have been accused of soliciting bribes from citizens. Its officers are underpaid. The jailing of a former police chief to life in prison after being convicted on numerous charges including corruption did not stop the practice.

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